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AR Glasses

Build your own Northstar AR Glasses

Ever dreamed of having your own large field of view (FOV) AR headset. It might be easier than you think. Come, join the community and build your own version with its own interaction purpose.

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Keep your beer cold

A very small project that reminds you to drink, so that your beer does not get warm. 

That's all that you need. 

Wildly wired together of course.

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Project - A digital temperature collector

He told me that he had a temperature measuring device, that he could not find, back in 2011
He needed something like a data logger. Easy and light, cheap, with a battery lasting over year or so, that he could install at customers' places in order to have a Log of "what happened" if any problem came up.
Say, a frozen (broken) pipe or other malfunctions in heating, AC and such. He said connectivity wasn't necessary and to log to a SD-card that could be inspected later would be sufficient.

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Fakten über Privatsphäre beim Browsen

Was du wissen solltest...

Der „Private Browsing“ oder „Inkognito“ Modus, den moderne Browser erlauben, ist nicht so sicher wie du meinen würdest. Er schützt nur davor, dass keine historischen Daten auf deinem Rechner abgespeichert werden – er schützt aber nicht davor, dass die Webseiten, die du besuchst, nicht zumindest VERSUCHEN Daten über dich speichern.

Überrascht? Ich erkläre dir warum.

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