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LattePanda-Alpha with a LSM303

(accelerometer, magnetometer, compass)

LattePanda Alpha 864 is a highly powerful device designed with Intel 7th generation Core m3 processor. This Core m3 processor is perfect for superior performance and low power consumption.

 In this scenario I am combining it with an LSM303 accelerometer and compass breakout

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The making of "Light Gary"

Part 03

Puuuh. Long time no hear! 

This is just a quick update on the “Light Gary”, and there will be more Blog-Posts soon again.

As you can see from the video I finished the making of it.....

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Mythos Full-Stack Developer

Ich werde immer sehr defensive, wenn ich diesen Ausdruck höre oder lese. „Der Stack“ ist über die Jahre viel größer geworden – ich baue Software seit 1997 – und wenn jemand behauptet er hat sich meisterliches Wissen in allen Schichten „des Stacks“ angeeignet ist das keine kleine Behauptung.

Heißt das, du hast einen großen Umfang an Wissen, oder bist du spezialisiert in jeder Disziplin?

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The making of "Light Gary"

Part 02

I finished the electronic circuit. Well, at least in a sort of alpha-version, that does what I want it to do. I also worked a lot on the board and get it as small as I have to. It is my first project of this kind, and I am pretty sure, there are better ways to do it, but that is, what I have come up to

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